Why You Need Custom Balloons at Your Next Event

Custom balloons are the best addition to any event, party or business experience. Individuals of all age love balloons, however what happens at the end when they deflate? At Little Soirees, a balloons specialist; we have put together a list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your balloons. 


  1. Where will your balloons be placed at an event?

This is an extremely important point when it comes to your balloons lifespan. When balloons are exposed to extreme weather conditions, they will start to be affected and potentially burst if not taken care of. 


  1. Use Ultra Hi-Float in your balloons

If you want your balloons to last, think about asking for Hi-Float in your balloons! These help keep the helium inside your balloons and can increase the float time from 12 hours to 2 weeks of your balloons. 


  1. Create a stand package with your balloons

If you tie balloons together or perhaps organise a balloon garland, it can help the lifespan of your balloons. This is because even if one or two start to deflate, you have others to keep up the themed look for your balloons. 


Custom balloons are a great option if you are looking for balloons for your next event. Little Soirees can help you with your custom balloons. Little Soirees balloons can help you with your custom party needs. From balloons, custom balloons and much more; we have it all! When ordering balloons, you want to ensure that your balloon orders are taken care of. Contact us today to make your balloons event your best one yet!